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Embark on a transformational journey that takes you closer to your faith. Our Umrah packages are meticulously designed to provide a seamless and spiritually enriching experience.

“Through Umrah’s whispers of purity and Hajj’s embrace of unity, the soul embarks on a timeless journey towards its Creator.”

"Elevating Faith, Together: Embark on a Blessed Umrah Journey as Family"

This journey is more than a pilgrimage – it's a celebration of faith and love, weaving moments that will be cherished for generations."

Our Package Offerings

"Step into Blessings: Elevate Your Soul with Umrah & Hajj"

15 Days


7 days Makkah, 7 days Madina, All Ziyarat,Tour Guide & more...

21 Days


12 days Makkah, 9 days Madina, All Ziyarat,Tour Guide & more...

30 Days


20 days Makkah, 10 days Madina, All Ziyarat,Tour Guide & more...

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"Way 2 Map's Umrah package exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the moment I booked, their team displayed professionalism and dedication. The package offered seamless travel arrangements, top-notch accommodations, and an incredibly organized itinerary. The convenience of having all transportation, meals, and guided tours included made the journey stress-free. I highly recommend this package to anyone seeking a memorable and spiritually fulfilling Umrah pilgrimage."
- Adnan Turabi
"Embarking on the Umrah journey through Way 2 Map's PREMIUM UMRAH PACKAGE was a transformative experience. The package was thoughtfully curated, ensuring a perfect blend of spirituality, comfort, and convenience. The accommodations were luxurious and strategically located, allowing easy access to the holy sites. The knowledgeable guides provided historical context and spiritual guidance, enriching the pilgrimage. What truly stood out was Way 2 Map's commitment to excellent service – from the moment of booking to the safe return home. The seamless coordination of flights, transportation, and meals left no room for worry. This Umrah package by Way 2 Map is a true gem for those seeking a profound and hassle-free pilgrimage experience."
I recently had the privilege of embarking on a deeply spiritual journey to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, thanks to Way to Map's Umrah and Hajj package. This experience was nothing short of life-changing, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Way to Map to guide me on this sacred pilgrimage.
- Saleh Mohammed
Way to Map's meticulous planning and unwavering support ensured that every aspect of the pilgrimage was flawlessly executed. Their knowledgeable and compassionate guides enriched the experience with deep insights into the rituals and history, making the spiritual journey profoundly meaningful.
- Almas Banu

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